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Education Coaching

Dr. Linsin offers individual educational mentorship and coaching in Arlington, MA for learners in high school, higher education, and beyond. He supports clients to—

  • Develop reading, writing, quantitative reasoning skills.

  • Successfully navigate high school and higher education systems.

  • Apply to college or graduate school.

  • Manage educational transitions.

  • Complete large academic projects such as papers, theses, and dissertations.

Dr. Linsin draws on education research, mindfulness practice, and arts-inspired approaches to help clients—

  • Create a Vision—form an inspired and personally resonant vision for learning.

  • Learn How to Learn—develop personalized, powerful, and effective learning strategies that apply in and across content areas.

  • Build Community—connect with people, places, and resources in and outside of school to build a thriving learning ecosystem.

  • Overcome Adversity—identify learning challenges and successfully meet those challenges. Build strategies to transform stress, anxiety, and other challenging emotions related to learning.

  • Learn with Passion—get in touch with and nurture a personal sense of wonder, curiosity, and joy to energize and propel the learning journey.

  • Learn for a Lifetime—create a healthy and happy relationship with learning that grows over a lifetime.

Offering Virtual and In-Person Meetings

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Dr. Linsin served on faculty at Boston University and has been an adjunct faculty member at UMass Lowell and Endicott College. He holds a PhD in education from the University of Washington in Seattle and a master’s degree in education from the Harvard Graduate School of Education. In over 20 years as an educator, he has mentored students at high school, college, and graduate levels—including advising doctoral students in education. He has also offered guitar and music instruction in private and community education settings.

Dr. Linsin researches ways to help support student learning, and his doctoral research was funded by the U.S. Department of Education Institute of Education Sciences. He teaches courses in education to prepare future educators and train in-service teachers. He advises schools and education nonprofits, providing them with tools to better support their learners. Dr. Linsin founded a music education program in Costa Rica where he lived and taught for one year. He also lived in India where he led educational research initiatives to support the learning of low-income students attending rural public schools. Dr. Linsin currently serves on the Board of Directors with Pasture Raised Kids—an educational nonprofit providing creative learning opportunities to students in Northern California.

Dr. Linsin is a lover of learning. He believes the best teaching involves modeling the inquiry process, and he works to scaffold and empower the free inquiry of his students. Dr. Linsin is committed to diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging in education. He is also a poet, musician, traveler, hang glider pilot, avid reader, and a student of Zen Buddhism.

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